Bottom Trust

How did I get here?

As a sophomore in high school, I was trying to figure out what field I wanted to go into at college. I originally thought of studying Computer Science. To educate myself on the topic, I started studying how to write in HTML/CSS scripting languages. Fast forward to January of 2023, I decided I would like to embrace these skills by creating or revising high quality websites for business owners at a fraction of the price that they are currently paying my competitors.

What can I do for you?

People today always need a website. Whether it is for your business, freelance work, or your resume, a website can help your chances of getting noticed. There are many people who I can do what I do. However, what will separate me from everyone else is how I work with you on building your website so you can have the most amount of input about how the design should look, and I do it at a fraction of the cost of what you will pay the next person. After I finish drafting up the files to your website, I will work with you on getting the domain name of your choice if you do not already have it for your site, as well as giving you the ability to preview the site prior to uploading it to the internet so everyone can see!

Bottom Trust

Bottom Trust

The Skeptics

As you are reading this page, some questions probably pop up such as "Why can't I just go get someone on a freelance labor website to build me a website?". The difference between myself and other freelancers is that other freelancers only build you a site. They don't build a relationship with you, as the owner, and come up with solutions as to how we can build this website together to attract more customers. As a person who interacts with others, and tries to come up with solutions for problems for businesses daily, I know what it takes to connect with you to figure out the best solution possible. Not only that, but people will charge thousands of dollars to accomplish this, I will do it for probably half of what you are paying now.

Did I convince you yet?

Send me an email at the email down below to get started!